TCT Asia 2023:A Perfect Ending to An Innovative Journey

TCT Asia 2023 has come to a glorious end. QIDI TECH was honored to be one of the exhibitors who shared the latest technologies and solutions with visitors and industry colleagues from all over the world during the three days of TCT Asia. It was an innovative and impressive event and we are deeply honored to have been a part of it. In this blog, let's take a look back at the exciting moments from TCT Asia 2023.

1. QIDI New 3D Printer Unveiled

During the exhibition, QIDI TECH demonstrated QIDI MAX3 and QIDI PLUS3, high-speed 3D printers with active chamber heating, and QIDI SMART3, a low-budget, small-size, but high-performance option for 3D printing enthusiasts. QIDI strives to provide excellent customer support and user experience, and we will continue to listen to our users to create more powerful 3D printers.

2. Exchange and Cooperation

TCT Asia 2023 is an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. We had the opportunity to interact with professionals and peers from different fields, sharing experiences and insights. Such exchanges not only helped us understand market trends and customer needs, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. At the same time, in the process of cooperating with other exhibitors, we were also able to gain a deeper understanding of the innovations of other peers and jointly promote the development of the industry.

3. Face-to-face Customer Communication

TCT Asia not only provides us the opportunity to communicate with potential customers, but also gives us the chance to communicate with existing customers, consolidate cooperation, and fully listen to customers' feedback and opinions. Many individual users and corporate users placed orders for a large number of machines after learning about the products on site. Including but not limited to: many designers (Shanghai famous car brand designers, automation equipment designers, food equipment product designers, product packaging designers, etc.), small-volume parts manufacturers (drone parts factories, toy design and production factories, medical equipment customization manufacturers, personal printer farms, etc.), service providers in the education industry, service providers in the creative industry, and so on.

4. Agents Worldwide

QIDI 3D printers can open the market and enhance visibility globally so quickly and smoothly, which is inseparable from the active participation and support of agents around the world. Thanks to TCT Asia which allowed QIDI to communicate with agents and 3D printing service providers from all over the world to promote future cooperation.

5. Domestic and International Media

The exhibition also attracted the attention of many domestic and international media, such as creators from China:  橙豆造物ing, 大琢磨, 恩扬涂装, 胡奇又菜又爱玩,  一丸墨大爆炸, 周天子的十三叔, 阿文菌kk, 南极熊3D打印网, Owen来造, etc, and the foreign media such as PR Newswire and so on. Many thanks to the domestic and foreign media for their recognition and support.

6. Behind Our Success of TCT Asia

Behind our success of TCT Asia is an excellent planning team and the joint efforts of all exhibitors. We would like to thank the organizers for providing us with such an excellent platform to showcase our innovations. We would also like to thank all the visitors and participants. It was your enthusiastic participation that added a unique dimension to the exhibition.

In the end

TCT Asia is a dynamic and opportunistic event and we are honored to be a part of it. The exhibition not only allowed us to showcase our latest technologies and solutions, but also provided us with the opportunity to interact with our global peers and customers. We look forward to future collaborations and innovations and believe that this exhibition has opened more doors for us. Thank you again to all our supporters and participants and we look forward to seeing you again at the next TCT Asia!