Top 15 Best 3D Printed Christmas Gifts

With the Christmas holiday full of surprises and joys coming up, it is always a challenge to choose Christmas gifts that will make your family and friends happy. Why don't you seize this opportunity to make a unique Christmas gift with a 3D printer to add a touch of brightness to this joyful holiday? Following we will recommend 15 best 3D printed Christmas gift models for you, hope you can pick your favorite model among them to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones.

1、Funny Cartoon Christmas Candle


@CREATURESANDTHEMING has designed a series of Christmas candles with vivid expressions. In addition to the initial large candle version, the designers have added a small candle version and a version that can be added with LED, which provides more choices for users. Not only that, you can also color the eyes, mouth, cheeks and other parts of the candle to create a more vivid and unique candle model.

2、Christmas Tree Spiral


An essential part of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This is a spiral Christmas tree designed by @ENJOYREVIT that combines beauty and fun. If you print the tree with white filaments, just paint the sides of the tree green to render a Christmas tree covered in snow. Of course, if you have a 3D printer that supports multicolor printing, you can get this kind of printing effect more easily. However, it will cost more filaments.

3、Christmas Gnome Combo Pack - CREX


This is a Christmas gnome designed by @CREX, all parts of the model can be used as a puzzle, you can assemble the model with your child or glue all the parts together as a Christmas decoration. All parts of the model can also be changed in color. Let these tiny gnomes add more festive atmosphere to your house!

4、Christmas Tree Lamp


This is a Christmas tree lamp designed by @TOOLMOON which has various parts that can be printed separately. No matter what kind of printer you use, you can easily print a colorful Christmas tree model. The model also supports you to install light bulbs on the base, so you can use the whole Christmas tree as a lamp. Hope it can illuminate the gloom of the past for you and welcome the bright future.

5、Rudolph Pal, a Cute Christmas Reindeer with a Shiny Nose


This is Rudolph, the Christmas Reindeer designed by @KOZA, modeled in the usual cute and gentle style. The reindeer are very festive with a red Santa hat and a red shiny nose. The most unique thing is that the reindeer has a gingerbread house in its stomach, surrounded by Christmas trees and snowmen, which is more in line with the Christmas in winter. The base of the model is also reserved for LED, which can be placed to light up the model. This is a very delicate and special decoration, let it be your most eye-catching one in your house!

6、Christmas Mechanical Box


This is a Christmas gift box with gear structure designed by @EDUCA. The model has a more mechanical feel compared to a normal gift box. As the lid opens, the gears on the side of the box turn. The parts of the model are also all separated and can be printed individually, allowing you to create a colorful Christmas gift box according to your own preferences. Let this Christmas mechanical box add a more modern and technological feel to your Christmas than the traditional Christmas decorations of the past.

7、Christmas Gift - Gift with Legs


Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a Christmas gift box! This is a gift box with legs designed by @YDESIGN, and the designer has also updated it with a version that can be used as a keychain. It also makes a nice Christmas tree decoration. However, the model’s color can't be changed with a printer that doesn't support multicolor printing, but you can print it with multicolor filaments for a dazzling effect.

8、Illuminated Gingerbread Christmas Train


This is the Gingerbread Christmas Train designed by @PA1_MAKER, the three wagons together measure over 600mm in length and would be even longer if the other wagons were added! The model does not require multicolor printing, all parts can be printed individually with detailed assembly instructions. Add wire and cotton to the chimney, and you can have a lifelike train in motion! Lights can also be added to the inside of the model. This model is definitely one of the most original and ingenious models for Christmas!

9、Hanging Christmas Kittens


This is an adorable Christmas ball design that is perfect for cat lovers to creatively decorate for Christmas. @THEJERS has designed 3 different heads, bodies and legs for the model, and the cat’s sweater can also be printed separately, which provides more creative possibilities for this model. Who could refuse to have a few naughty cats caught by the neck of their sweaters on their Christmas tree?

10、Christmas Elf Bookmark


Oops, the Christmas elf hidden in the book was found! @MERVE has designed a Christmas Elf bookmark that reveals the elf’s legs exposed outside the pages. The red and white striped socks and green pointy shoes are a proper Christmas color scheme! Let’s print your own elf with a 3d printer!

11、Christmas Decoration


@CJ3DPRINT designed a Christmas decoration that can be enlivened with 1 or 2 electric candles. The kit includes a mounting base, tree, child, house, cat and fence with squirrel. You can plan your own location to assemble the landscape for a different look.

12、Hanging Lantern Christmas Ornament


@3DPrintBunny designed a hanging lantern Christmas tree decoration with space reserved in the hanging lantern for an electronic candle. Light up such a small light to add a warmth to your home when you get together with your family on Christmas Eve. This is a beautiful and practical model.

13、Christmas Bird


Still worried about what decorations to put on your Christmas tree? Don't want to hang the same old decorations? Then you must check out this skeleton Christmas bird by @evax design. The bird’s body and wings are made up of delicate openwork patterns, and the colors are simple yet full of design. If you want a distinctive Christmas tree decoration, don't miss this skeleton Christmas bird.

14、Marshmallow S'mores Christmas Ornament


This year, let’s print this adorable Marshmallow S'mores Christmas Ornament designed by @Desktop_Makes and hang it on your Christmas tree! You can color the model, paint the texture of the wood grain, and hang twine from the little rings reserved for it, and you'll have this classy and adorable marshmallow decoration!

15、Tió de Nadal - Christmas Log (Catalan mythology)


This is the Christmas Log or "Tió de Nadal" in Catalan. It's a very beloved character in the Catalan mythology. @averok designed this model and wanted to share his traditions. In Catalonia, Tió de Nadal is filled with sweets and novelties. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the classic Tió song is sung in the house, and children hit the log with a stick to see what’s hidden inside.

In the end

This is our hand-picked 15 Christmas models for you. Even if you don't have a 3D printer that supports multicolor printing, you can still make beautiful Christmas models in many colors. We hope that QIDI 3D printer can add more joy to your Christmas reunion, and everyone can enjoy the fun of 3D printing. 


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