Best 3D Model Websites of 2023 ——Creating Infinite Possibilities

For 3D printing enthusiasts, the model is the vehicle that embodies the ideas in their minds. So how can you present your ideas better?

For some users who have modeling skills, they can use modeling software to convert their ideas into an adapted model. However, the fact is that not everyone has the time or ability to convert their ideas into models. It is then at such times that the existence of 3D model websites that allow you to download ready-made 3D printing models becomes crucial. The existence of websites not only saves time in modeling by allowing you to find some ready-made models that are adapted to your ideas, but also provides assistance to those who do not have the ability to model, so that they can also enjoy the fun of 3D printing.

To help QIDI users enjoy 3D printing better, we hereby recommend four best 3D Model websites where you can download 3D printing models for free. Some of the websites also offer paid models, so if you're a designer, you can cash in on your work in addition to sharing your creativity.


Thingiverse is currently the world's largest repository of 3D printing models and is the best source for free STL models. The website was founded by MakerBot, a well-known FDM 3D printer manufacturer, and is currently operated by UltiMaker. Since its launch in 2008, the website has amassed more than 1.8 million free STL files that anyone can download for free without registering. In addition, designers can upload models they want to share with the community for free, but they can't profit from their creations, as the website doesn't support the paid sale of models, all of which are shared for download for free.

With no support for paid features, Thingiverse's revenue stream has been zero. In the past, it has relied on the support provided by Makerbot to keep it running. However, now that Makerbot has been merged, UltiMaker has adopted a new strategy to allow the website to generate its own revenue, i.e., cash in on traffic by adding ad displays. This has resulted in a 30-second delay in the display of ads when users download all files in one click, and this approach has made the user experience much less enjoyable. In addition, the website eliminated the previous “download all models with one click” feature, which forced users to click on multiple parts one by one.


Founded in 2014, Cults was initially started by 3 young people working part-time. The website currently has over 500,000 3D printable models and 5.22 million registered users, making it the second largest free download platform for STL after Thingiverse. There are more than 200,000 free models available for download after registering and logging in.

Unlike Thingiverse, Cults not only has a huge number of free models, but also has a large proportion of paid models which are all of high quality but not sold at a high price. Cults is now the preferred platform for most designers to choose to sell their models, and it is known that 80% of the proceeds from the sale of the models go to the authors.


Printables (formerly Prusa Printers) is a platform founded by Prusa Research in 2019. It is often considered an alternative to Thingiverse, with over 260,000 models. Similar to Thingiverse, Printables only hosts free models and all files are optimized for 3D printing. Additionally, the website allows users to upload pre-sliced G-code for direct printing by users using the same machine.

Prusa 3D printer has a large and loyal fan base, and Prusa i3 users basically congregate on this website. They discuss the use of the machine here and share the data of the models created. Apart from uploading and downloading models, users can also discuss the use of the machine and share their experiences here. The website operator also organizes regular contests and provides a comprehensive reward system where users can redeem printer filaments. The renamed Printables focuses more on model sharing and downloading, hoping to make it a platform where users prefer to share and download models. In addition, the open source software, PrusaSlice, is also from Prusa Research, and with its large user base and active community atmosphere, Printables has grown rapidly.


Thangs is the fastest growing 3D printing modeling community with over 15 million models available for search, storage and collaboration. The platform, which goes live in 2021, is known to have more than 11 million registered users. Similar to Thingiverse and Printables, all models here are available for free download. The difference is that Thangs has a powerful 3D model search engine that can search more than once per second on average. After uploading a model, you can also search for similar models and support online rendering of models. In addition, you can invite friends and collaborators to work on your project together, rather than simply sharing models.

We can define Thangs as the next generation of 3D printing modeling website, which is very powerful. In addition to storing models itself, it also supports model search across the web, similar to professional 3D printing model search websites like yeggi or stlfinder. In addition, Thangs can also perform automatic conversion of more than 30 model formats. At the same time, Thangs also integrates with Blender in the form of a plug-in that allows users to export models directly from the design and modeling software to the Thangs platform.

Overall, these 3D printing model websites provide users with rich and diverse model resources and meet their needs through different functions and features. Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, you can find the model which shows your creativity. The above are only four of the many 3D model websites we have listed, in addition there are many other excellent websites, such as MyMiniFactory, Pinshape, CGTrader, etc. You can fully compare the features of these websites to find the most suitable one for you. Hope these websites can bring you surprise and convenience.

In the end

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In addition, QIDI has a 3D printing model designer support program, which can provide designers with free printers or filaments. We welcome model designers to share 3D printing model designs with us and join us in developing the 3D printing community.

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