Global Model Sharing Session Results Announced

QIDI TECH’s first Global Model Sharing Session came to a successful conclusion. With QIDI SMART3, PLA/ABS/PETG filaments for winners and a $5 coupon for participating, the model sharing session attracted QIDI enthusiasts from all over the world to share their printed models on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The participating QIDI users were not only people using the latest X-Series 3D printers: MAX3, PLUS3 and SMART3, but also people using older QIDI machines such as the X-CF Pro. Regardless of the machine, all of them printed high-quality models, which is a very positive and responsive feedback for us, and we hope that each of QIDI machines will bring an excellent printing experience to our customers.

The first prize for the model sharing session was @braindegeek on Instagram with a total of 669 likes and comments.

The second prize winners were @mcfarlandcustoms, @printsleo3d and @necessarym on Instagram.

The third prize winners were @the3dprofessor, @willizb4ck, @spectra3dtech, @modesign3d on Instagram and @Ruby Chloé Ruby Chloé on Facebook.

Congratulations to all the winners mentioned above. All winners and participants are requested to contact QIDI official social media accounts (Facebook@QIDI TECH, Instagram@qidi3dprinter, Twitter@QIDI_3dprinter) via private message with the appropriate entry and winning credentials, and we will redeem the prizes for the participants in the order of contact.

Following are some of the best entries from this session, and all participants have been labeled on the images. Thanks to all users for their active participation.

Users who didn't win any prizes in this model sharing session don't need to be discouraged. QIDI will hold lucky draws or promotions from time to time to bring more discounts and benefits to QIDI users.

If you have any suggestions for activities, please feel free to contact QIDI official social media account, and we will actively listen to your opinions and organize activities that are more interesting to everyone.

Once again, congratulations to the winners of this global model sharing session and thank you for your active participation. We welcome you to continue to share your excellent models on social media, and you can also share any questions you have to discuss and solve them with us. We look forward to seeing you all again at the next event!