The First QIDI TECH Global Model Sharing Session ——Creativity Adds a Touch of Extraordinary Color to Life

The value of a human being lies in having a creative mind. An excellent idea may come from a momentary burst of inspiration or from a long period of conceptual planning. 3D printing is often synonymous with creation in people's minds. With a 3D printer, all you have to do is clicking a button and inspiration will blossom on the build plate.

QIDI TECH is looking forward to one inspiration after another, looking forward to the creativity from all over the world to collide in the QIDI 3D printer. Thus, QIDI TECH has decided to organize the first “QIDI TECH Global Model Sharing Session” to invite QIDI users around the world to share their own 3D models, share their great ideas and experience the charm of 3D printing.

  • Activity Time: 2023.09.11-10.11 9:00 am. Results to be announced on 2023.10.13 (BJT)

  • Activity Platform:Facebook、Instagram、Twitter

  • Activity Content

  1. You can post on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter in the form of an image or video. The content of the image or video must include the model you printed and the QIDI 3D printer you used.
  2. We support you to print your own models, or models designed by other designers, but please indicate the designer.
  3. We welcome you to share your whims in the content by explaining your purpose for creating the model, or your reasons for choosing this model.
  4. After the sharing session, QIDI may show the excellent models on social media or official websites, and we will ask for the author's permission before sharing.
  • Activity Rules

  1. Participants should follow the official QIDI accounts (Facebook@QIDI TECH, Instagram@qidi3dprinter,Twitter@QIDI_3dprinter) for updates on the competition.
  2. When posting on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, please add the topic #QIDI TECH and the QIDI 3D printer you are using (e.g. #QIDI Max3) and @the official account (e.g. @QIDI TECH). Please make sure that the topic and the mentioned official account are correct or it will not count as an entry.
  3. We will select the winners by ranking them from highest to lowest based on the total number of likes + comments + shares. (Repeating multiple comments or multiple shares from the same account is prohibited. We reserve the right to cancel entries for maliciously raising data.)
  4. Models and content should be positive and legally compliant, and the use of technology software to falsify data is prohibited.
  5. Users who have any questions about the sharing sessioncan contact the official account via private message.
  • Prizes Setting

  1. First, second and third prizes: the top 9 will be selected based on the total number of likes + comments + shares in descending order.
  2. Participation Prize: All users who have participated in the model sharing session, please send a private message to the official account with the valid screenshot of your participation, and the prizes will be sent by the official account.
  • Activity Awards

*The final explanation right of this sharing session belongs to QIDI TECH.

*Below are some of the models shared by users on social media. Thanks to all the QIDI 3D printers lovers mentioned on the picture!