[Qidi X-CF Pro, speziell für den Druck von Kohlefaser und Nylon entwickelt] - [QIDI Online Shop DE]
[Qidi X-CF Pro, speziell für den Druck von Kohlefaser und Nylon entwickelt] - [QIDI Online Shop DE]
[Qidi X-CF Pro, speziell für den Druck von Kohlefaser und Nylon entwickelt] - [QIDI Online Shop DE]

Stampante 3D Qidi Tech X-CF Pro

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X-CF Pro, QIDI TECH R&D team spent 13 months developing an industrial grade FFF 3d printer that can fully print carbon fiber and nylon. We redesigned the extruder system to be more suitable for printing carbon fiber materials with a mechanical motion structure and a filament dry box. The software was redeveloped after extensive testing by Qidi Tech engineers. Many thanks to the large number of Qidi Tech users who provided us with valuable experience and suggestions for our progress!


Machine Size610*515*678mm
Print Size300*250*300mm
Print Accuracy±0.1mm
Print Speed60-120mm/s
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Extruder Temp≤350℃
Extruder Quantityhigh temperature single extruder*1
Ordinary single extruder*1
Support MaterialPA12-CF, PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, NYLON, PC
Connection OptionsWIFI/LAN/USB Pen Drive
SupportWindows 64 bit/Mac
Compatible SoftwareQidiPrint/Cura/Simplify 3D

Newly Upgraded XYZ Structure
Industrial-grade manufacturing, dual z-axis and industrial guide, which can achieve high precision, fast printing. Focus on upgrading the XYZ structure, all use of industrial slides.

Industrial Extrusion Structure
One set of high temp extruder, with the latest generation single extruder system, which uses high-temperature alloy material, dual-gear extrusion. Specifically for printing carbon fiber, high temp nylon filaments.
Another set of normal high-speed extruder can easily print PLA, ABS, PETG and other filaments.

Filament Runout Sensor
Detection System, more convenient, more intelligent.

Automatic Leveling
A new automatic leveling mode. Realize fully automatic leveling.

PEI Material Plate
The printing plate using PEI material, effectively solve the problem of printing models warp and other problems. Better adhesion, the printer’s overall life is longer.

5.0 inch Touch Screen
800*480mm 5 inch HD capacitive display. Larger interface makes it more intuitive and easy to operate.

Slicing Software
Qidi Tech latest generation slicer software version 6.2.2.
The new upgraded software is more intelligent, especially provide more effective and accurate parameters for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments. With the software, you can use your printer right out of the box.

Carbon Fiber

UltraPA Nylon filament

Table header 0X-CF ProPA12-CFFilament Dryer Box
TechnologyFused Deposition ModelingCarbon Fiber filamentFilament Dryer Box
Build Volume11.8''x9.8''x11.8''(300x250x300mm)Diameter:1.75mmMaximum Capacity:Φ210*85.5(H)mm
Filament TypesCarbon fiber,Nylon,PLA,ABS,TPU,PETG,etc 
Platform SupportDouble Z axis
Extruder Configuration1 set of professional printing PLA, ABS TPU high stability extruder, Add 1 set of high performance all metal high temp extruder for printing Carbon fiber, Nylon.
Printing Plateheated, removable plate
Support2-Year with Infinite Customer Support
Filament Diameter1.75mm
Printing ExtruderSingle Extruder
Layer Thickness0.05mm-0.4mm

X-CF Pro VS X-Max

Table header 0X-Max
X-CF Pro
Print Area300x250x300mm300x250x300mm
Mechanical StructureDouble Z axis, XY is optical axis plus linear bearing motion structure, transmission belt is S2M belt.Double Z-axis, XY is an industrial-grade linear guide and ball-slider motion structure (better rigidity and more precise motion accuracy compared to the optical axis)
The transmission belt adopts advanced 2GT belt (compared to S2M belt has higher accuracy and abrasion resistance)
Extruder ConfigurationSingle gear extruderDouble-gear all-metal extruder (better heat dissipation performance and greater extrusion force for filaments than single-gear extruder)
Compatible FilamentsMainly PLA, PETG; also nylon, ABS and other materials that need a sealed chamber.
With high-temp extruder can also print nylon carbon fiber and even metals such as bafs 316 stainless steel wire (post-processing needs to be sintered)
Mainly focuses on industrial-grade filaments such as PA12-CF, PA6-CF, high-temp nylon, etc.
Also print all materials that X-Max can print.
Other Features1. Sealed chamber
2. Magnetic PC printing platform plate
1. Better main control chip
2. Sealed chamber
3. Magnetic PEI printing platform plate
4. Filaments runout detection
5. Equipped with a sealing box for filaments (Ensure the dryness of the filaments and the printing quality).
6. Equipped with BL Touch (auto-leveling probe)
User Groups1. High-end DIY 3D printing enthusiasts
2. People who have demand for the sealed chamber of the printer
3. Schools, hospitals and other work places that need 3D printers for auxiliary work
1. Schools, hospitals and other work places that need 3D printers for auxiliary work
2. Research institutes, design institutes, etc., for preliminary R&D, testing, design work, etc.
3. People who have demand for strength and mechanical properties of printed objects
4. People who need custom small volume, light weight parts