-The leading desktop high speed FDM printer-


-Faster Speed 500mm/s
-Acceleration 20000mm/s²
-Flow 30mm³/s
-Print Size 180*180*170mm

Configures The Above Technologies For Truly Fast Printing!



Main frequency 1.5GHz, 8G-EMMC and 1G DDR3

CoreXY Structure

·Reduce the motion Inertia and improve the motion speed
·TMC2209 silent drive
·Less noise

The Upgraded

Weight reduced to 600g from 1600g.
Enhanced strength, 6-12 times stronger than steel.

Extrusion The 9.5:1 gear ratio

Resonance Compensation

High quality and high speed printing
PLA,ABS,PETG materials

Automatic Levelling

New automatic intelligent levelling 16 points are taken to calculate the printing Compensation

Flexiable HF Board

Excellent adhesion,
No warping trouble,
Easy to remove the prints

Excellent User Experience

The highly acclaimed QIDI slicer software has both normal mode and expert mode, which is also easy for beginners to get started!

Quality Service

Since our establishment 9 years ago, we have been focusing on the whole machine FDM R & D and production, we are also very few manufacturers with high-end materials R & D and production capacity! We have been trying to create better experience for users, better product quality, to create value for users is our pursuit. We are far ahead of our peers in terms of user praise on Amazon!

The SMART3 is an entry-level high-speed printer capable of printing up to 500mm/s. It has all the specs you need for a high-speed printing. For a large number of users in the use of diy or low speed non-enclosed 3D printer, in the future to provide a better choice!