3D Printed Toys: The 10 Best 3D Printed Christmas Gifts for Kids

Many people think of 3D printers as industrial-grade machines, better suited for professionals for prototyping and model validation. In fact, 3D printers are also fun consumer-grade machines for all users. With Christmas approaching, surprise your kids and family by printing unique Christmas gifts with a 3d printer!

Following I will recommend you 10 models suitable for Christmas gifts, not only decorative models, but also interactive puzzle models. You can spend a good parent-child time with your children! Thanks to all the model designers!

Decorative Toys

1、Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton

Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/art/flexi-factory-print-in-place-skeleton-triceratops-dinosaur

The Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton designed by @FLEXIFACTORY is not only available in several versions, but you can also print it using multicolor filaments, and you can even color the model using the filler tool to create a special dinosaur model.


Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/jeu/omega-droid

Designed by @PIPE_COX, OMEGA is an articulated robot printed and assembled from several parts with joints that allow for multiple poses. The model includes two weapons that can be used in place of his hands. This is definitely a very cool robot gift!

3、Tiny Surprise Eggs

Source: @agepbiz via Twitter (https://www.thingiverse.com/agepbiz/collections/9709434/things)

Tiny surprise eggs designed by @agepbiz, which may contain Tiny Haul Truck, Fork Lift, Wheel Loader, Excavator, Jet Fighter, etc. The model is very beautiful and compact, but be careful to avoid accidental ingestion by children, as there is a risk of choking.

4、Polypropylene Toys and Christmas Decorations

Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/art/christmas-special-roly-poly-toys-and-tree-ornaments

Designed by @WICKEDMAGE, this is a roly-poly with a cavity in the base of the model to allow for heavy objects to be placed as needed. This model can not only be used as a toy, but also as a Christmas tree decoration, full of Christmas atmosphere.

5、Christmas Castle

Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/divers/christmas-castle

This Christmas Castle designed by @FULV combines all the magic of Christmas. This castle can change with the seasons and grow with your child. The snowflake details can be easily removed and the seasonal toolkit is able to simulate different seasons. You can also place as many lights as you want inside the castle, on the Christmas tree, in all the towers and outside the castle walls. All you need is a little glue, use your imagination and your Christmas colors to create your own Christmas atmosphere. The model size is 224*221*180mm, both QIDI MAX3 and PLUS3 can accommodate this model size, and even larger castle models can be printed for you!

6、Rocket Car

Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/art/rocket-car

Designed by @SVANDALK, the Rocket Car is assembled from multiple parts that can be sanded and painted, and details added with a paintbrush to get a vintage Rocket Car.

Interactive Intelligence Toys

7、Chess Puzzle Board

Source: https://cults3d.com/fr/mod%C3%A8le-3d/jeu/tablero-puzzle-ajedrez

Chess Puzzle Board designed by @ALEXANDEREGIDO is made up of black and white puzzles, so you can put the board together with your child and then have a chess tournament to have a fun time with your child.

8、Tetris Balance

Source: https://www.printables.com/model/147682-tetris-balance

Designed by @Bhorian, Tetris Balance is an interactive game where two people alternate stacking cubes upwards until the model is out of balance. You can race your child and set up some prizes to add to the festive fun.

9、Skee Ball

Source: https://www.printables.com/model/566738-skee-ball-for-mk3mk4-no-supports

Designed by @Triple G Workshop, Skee Ball is a pitching game where you can print balls or just buy them and set different rewards for different numbers of tracks for a great vacation with your kids.

10、SKEWBITS Puzzle Game

Source: https://thangs.com/designer/Make%20Anything/3d-model/SKEWBITS%20Puzzle%20Game%20for%203D%20Printing-949147

Designed by @Make Anything, Skewbits are made of cubes connected at the corners by hinges. This game uses four Skewbits and each one is unique in its arrangement of hinges, so they each form their own shapes. The Skewbits can be arranged on grids in hundreds of different ways, and each problem consists of an outline. The goal is simply to fit the four cubits within the outline but with all the weird ways.

In the end

Above are our picks for the 10 best 3D printed Christmas gifts for kids. If you have printed any Christmas models, feel free to post them on social media and share them with the 3D printing enthusiasts. Hope everyone can enjoy 3D printing!


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