Top 10 Unique 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner! Haven't you started dressing up your Christmas tree yet? Print some Christmas tree hangings with your 3d printer and dress up your tree as the brightest Christmas tree on social media! 

1、HARRY POTTER Christmas Decorations


Who hasn't fantasized about entering the wizards world of Harry Potter? @VIKTORA has designed a set of Christmas decorations from the Harry Potter series that you can hang on the Christmas tree or anywhere you like. If you want to give this set of Christmas decoration as a gift, @VIKTORA has also thoughtfully designed a gift box. I believe no one will refuse to enter the wizards world of Harry Potter!

2、Christmas Bauble


This is a snowman bauble designed by @Marv, and the unique thing about it is that it has a streetlight that lights up. The snowman with the black hat is alone in the freezing cold, with only a dim streetlight to keep it company. But you can reunite with your family and share the joy of reunion under the warmth of the light.

3、Christmas Ornaments


This is a Christmas Ornament designed by @Afrikaniz3D. You can print colorful frames to use as ornaments, or you can print snowmen and Christmas trees assembled with frames. There is a lot of freedom in color scheme and style, allowing you to mix and match.

4、Snowglobe Ornament with Raindeer, Christmas Tree, Snowman and Empty for your Design


This is a snowglobe ornament designed by @Maker81, complete with reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman, and a hollow option that allows you to make your own design for the inside. You can use glitter filaments as shown that can look more sophisticated in the light.

5、Christmas Ornaments and/or LED Garland Shade


This is the LED Garland Shade designed by @EUROREPRAP_EU. There are eight styles in total, all of which are made up of various styles of lines wrapped around the interior scene. It has the texture of a sculpture and the beauty of smooth lines. We believe that this set of Christmas tree hangings will give your Christmas tree a more sophisticated look.

6、Christmas Decorations, Christmas Balls


These are Steampunk inspired Christmas balls designed by @ALPHONSE_MARCEL. Even with a single color print, you'll be blown away by the fine patterns and details on the balls. You can also use spray paint to add a more metallic look to the model.  I believe these Christmas balls will make your Christmas tree unique.

7、Reindeer with Red Nose


Here's a reindeer head ornament designed by @EL_LOCO_3D, along with lights that mimic the reindeer’s red nose. All you need to do is put small light bulbs that glow in the reserved nose position. Maybe by hanging this reindeer ornament, Santa will be able to find your house better and stuff your stocking with gifts!

8、Angel Shaped Christmas Ornament


Here's a little Christmas ornament in the shape of an angel for your Christmas tree designed by @ENDK7. Simply print with white filaments and you've got a pure, sweet little angel. You can also dip it in gold glitter as shown in the picture, which will make your model more delicate and sparkling.

9、Santa's Christmas Ornament


This is a round Santa sphere with a pair of retractable legs designed by @ALLTHEBUZ3D. You can place the model in a transparent Christmas ball shell and use it as a static decoration, or you can hang it directly on the Christmas tree to create more interactivity with the model.

10、Ope Ope no Mi V3 (Tree Ornament)


Designed by @Abdul_Fattah-shehadeh, the Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the power to create a spherical forcefield. You can print small sized models as Christmas tree decorations or large sized models directly as ornaments. If you're a fan of One Piece, you won't want to miss this ornament!

In the end

This is our pick of ten Christmas tree decorations. QIDI Max3 and Plus3 can provide you with a larger build volume and support you to print multiple models at the same time, which will save you a lot of time and energy. If you finish decorating your own Christmas tree, you can share it on social media and @QIDI official account. Looking forward to seeing your unique Christmas trees!


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